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The collaboration server can only be accessed using an authenticated secure HTTP connection. In order to use the server you will need a username and password: if you do not have one, please contact TO_BE_ADDED.

The server uses an SSL certificate which is signed by TO_BE_ADDED's own certificate signing key, not one of the globally recognized certification authorities. This means that your web browser will warn you when you first connect to the server during a web browser session. You can stop your web browser from producing these warnings by adding the TO_BE_ADDED certificate signing key to the browser's collection of certification authority keys. The steps you need to follow vary from web browser to web browser - we currently have instructions available for the following browsers:

Document Storage

The collaboration server provides document exchange facilities using the WebDAV protocol. This protocol allows you to store and edit documents held on the collaboration server over the network or the internet. Support for the protocol is built into popular applications and operating systems; there are also general purpose clients available. For example, Microsoft Office and Windows 2000 have integrated WebDAV support, where the feature is known as "Web Folders." We currently have instructions available for the following:

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